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At ProBR Construction & Restoration we know that building, remodeling, and renovating your home is always an investment of time and money. See some of our projects below to have a glance at our professional work, so you can rest assured that our services are worth the investment.

waterproofing project

Palm Beach Island waterproofing project: a concrete rooftop over cabanas at a residential condominium building. See the process >>>



24,000 sq/ft of new construction: Medical center with treatment areas, private commercial kitchen facility and dining area, medical offices and 8 full 2/2 apartments. ProBR handled construction management and provided and installed for the whole building, all framing, drywall, interior doors, interior and exterior painting, and railings. In addition, for the 8 apartments, it also provided and installed all kitchen and bathroom cabinets and vanities. 

houses- construction

People entrust us with the development of their homes, from planning to execution, and the final details. Our vast experience is a guarantee that we are the best option in the West Palm Beach area, and the South Florida area.


When working on remodeling and renovating a kitchen space, we bring together the best materials, textures, and structures to create a new space that our client feels proud of.